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The time has come, Duck Marines!

We are as excited as you are by the continuous growth of the Elonduck community and we are thankful for the support you have given us for the past few days. Heading to our first IDO, it is time, as promised, for us to release our first NFT. If you have been whitelisted as a top 100 holder at the time of the screenshot, you are now able to claim your Elonduck Martian NFT!

To do so, head to and sign in:

Today we are launching our farming ecosystem. Get ready fellow ducklings!

2,500,000,000,000 Elonducks are now reserved for the first LP program (0.5% of the total supply)

Be aware that:

In order to stake Elonduck liquidity, you will need the ERC-20 wallet extension Metamask or a compatible Web 3 wallet which will automatically link to our staking contracts. This wallet will be used to contribute your chosen amount of Elonduck tokens to the liquidity pool. It will also be used to distribute staking rewards upon withdrawal.

You can access the Elonduck Staking Program though the staking portal

Staking portal link :

Providing liquidity benefits the stability and tradeability of Elonduck and…

Attention all space ducks !!!

As our community is growing and spreading the word about ELONDUCK, we have decided to reward our users with a first taste of what the future holds for our community members: The first Elonduck IDO!

We will take a snapshot of all wallets on May 6th. The top 200 holders will be able to participate in this IDO. All of these holders will have the possibility of participating but the top 100 holders will also receive a special first edition Duck Martian 👽 NFT.

It’s been only two days since the successful launch of Elonduck on Uniswap and we have seen continual growth within our community, with the number of active users rapidly reaching more than 300 on Telegram and an increasing- even higher- number of holders. The word is spreading about Elonduck and the creativity of our community is getting rewarded with our meme creation contest. But this is only the beginning! Here is what we have in store for 2021:

Q2 —

  • Litepaper release: Detailing the roadmap more thoroughly and laying down how the project will be developed and executed, as well as our…

The easiest way is to buy Elonduck is to download and install the Metamask app on your browser. Head to and download the app. Once on it, go through the steps and generate or import a wallet. Once this is done, you will have under your account name an online wallet address. Simply click on it to copy the address and send Ethereum to it via Coinbase, Binance or any major CEX.

1. Go to the Uniswap app on your browser. ( )

2. Click “select a token” and paste the Token contract for Elonduck: 0x55f5bb01fd7b76cd3b70dacdf27f1b769473dc49

We are thrilled to introduce Elonduck, a new DeFi project built on the Ethereum blockchain. Elonduck is a fork of Safemoon with a focus on NFT distribution. But that’s not all folks! It’s also focusing on the creation of a decentralized, community-centered launchpad: Elonduck Launchpad.


— Rewarding investors for long term holding and meaningful participation
— Top 100 holders receive airdrops of NFTs weekly
— Holders can access pre-sales via the launchpad without kyc, allocations for influencers, or any unethical unduck-worthy shenanigans
— Community-centered project

Motivation and overview

We believe that a quality launchpad should profit our community as a whole.

Owning $Elonduck…


After several years trying to fly I finally found an strange gem in the space. This Interplanetary gem is called #ELONDUCK. #ethereum

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