Today we are launching our farming ecosystem. Get ready fellow ducklings!

2,500,000,000,000 Elonducks are now reserved for the first LP program (0.5% of the total supply)

Be aware that:

In order to stake Elonduck liquidity, you will need the ERC-20 wallet extension Metamask or a compatible Web 3 wallet which will automatically link to our staking contracts. This wallet will be…

Attention all space ducks !!!

As our community is growing and spreading the word about ELONDUCK, we have decided to reward our users with a first taste of what the future holds for our community members: The first Elonduck IDO!

We will take a snapshot of all wallets on May…

It’s been only two days since the successful launch of Elonduck on Uniswap and we have seen continual growth within our community, with the number of active users rapidly reaching more than 300 on Telegram and an increasing- even higher- number of holders. The word is spreading about Elonduck and…


After several years trying to fly I finally found an strange gem in the space. This Interplanetary gem is called #ELONDUCK. #ethereum

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