Announcing the Elonduck Roadmap!

Q2 —

  • Litepaper release: Detailing the roadmap more thoroughly and laying down how the project will be developed and executed, as well as our vision for it.
  • Releasing NFT rewards for holders: Distribution of NTFs for holders of the Elonduck token will occur on a weekly basis. We are also planning to distribute a special and unique NFT to those who collect the whole collection. We will have 20 NFT drops prior to dropping the special edition one ( This special edition NFT will be legendary and every holder will have a unique version, in a similar vain as the CryptoPunks zombies NFTs). Needless to say this will be an extremely rare occurrence.
  • Elonduck Staking pool: The creation of a staking pool will allow users who stake their ELONDUCK TOKENS for a period of time to get rewarded with NFTs and ELONDUCK TOKENS. This will allow more stability and reward the trust of our community members.
  • Partnering projects to have their IDO on our platform: As we prepare for the launch of Elonduck Launchpad, on-boarding quality projects will be a priority for us.
  • CEX listing : We are in touch with exchanges to broaden the availability of the ELONDUCK TOKEN.
  • Airdrop/Presale on BSC : With guaranteed allocation, we plan to create airdrop/ presales on the Binance Smart Chain. Our team is planning to run a project on BSC with new partners to create a quality project, giving guaranteed allocation to our holders.

Q3 —

  • Launchpad Beta: With the release of the beta version of our launchpad, we will focus on continuous improvements on the platform since it may contain minor bugs and glitches at this stage.
  • More CEX listings: We are in touch with centralized exchanges, and more listings will hopefully be secured as we grow as a project.
  • DAO governance for ElonDuck: In line with our community-centered vision and goals, Q3 will see the creation of a DAO to make the project autonomous and governed by our community.
  • Special NFT Creation (and extra incentives) : We are planning a special animated NFT of Elonduck as a reward for the true duck-marines who added liquidity and received the whole collection.
  • Elon Duck Launchpad V.2.0 — final bug-free version.

Q4 —

  • Partnerships with NFT projects : Q4 will see us networking with projects as well as the release of an open application to fill our form to be part of our ecosystem. We plan to launch more NFT projects.
  • Launchpad for NFTs with Marketplace : We will create a Launchpad specifically for NFTs as we believe the NFT community will grow exponentially in 2021 and will receive a considerable stake from crypto as defi did throughout 2020 and 2021.
  • L2 migration / Polkadot: In case Ethereum doesn’t solve its scalability issues we will think about migrating to other blockchains or L2 solutions.



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After several years trying to fly I finally found an strange gem in the space. This Interplanetary gem is called #ELONDUCK. #ethereum