Introducing Elonduck Launchpad — for IDOs & MEMEcoins

We are thrilled to introduce Elonduck, a new DeFi project built on the Ethereum blockchain. Elonduck is a fork of Safemoon with a focus on NFT distribution. But that’s not all folks! It’s also focusing on the creation of a decentralized, community-centered launchpad: Elonduck Launchpad.

— Rewarding investors for long term holding and meaningful participation
— Top 100 holders receive airdrops of NFTs weekly
— Holders can access pre-sales via the launchpad without kyc, allocations for influencers, or any unethical unduck-worthy shenanigans
— Community-centered project

We believe that a quality launchpad should profit our community as a whole.

Owning $Elonduck will allow our holders to participate in IDOs via the Elonduck Launchpad. Whether a token holder owns 100000000 or 10000000000 Elonduck tokens, one can participate in our launchpad sessions until the hardcap is filled, as long as he meets the requirement of having owned 100M Elonduck for a period of 5 days prior to the IDO. A small fee will be charged to fund a treasury to help with the development of the launched projects.

We will accept projects which comply with our terms and are willing to bring real value to our holders.

These can include meme coins as well as more serious, quality projects.

Being a meme coin doesn’t prevent Elonduck from being ruthless in terms of KYC-ing the team members of any new project launching on our platform in order to prevent scams or rug-pulls. We will focus on providing safe, quality opportunities for our community.

Despite us being an anon team, one of our developers has worked with other launchpad projects and his experience is very beneficial and great news for our project!

We plan to keep the project on Ethereum since with the L2, and the planned reduced transaction fees, we believe strongly in the future of the network. However we do not discard the possibility of moving to the Polkadot ecosystem if this doesn’t happen.

Elonduck starts as a meme-coin at a moment which favors the exponential growth of such tokens.

— Elonduck is accessible. Buying on Uniswap is easy and the liquidity is locked.
— Elonduck is rewarding for holders. Incentives to hold include:
— -With every transaction, 3% are re-distributed to holders, who see their token number increase.
— Top 100 holders receive NFTs weekly.
— As Elonduck Launchpad develops, it will reward holders with opportunities to invest in promising projects through exclusive IDOs.

The nitty-gritty details of the Elonduck Launchpad IDO :
— Minimum allocation 50$ worth of tokens
— Maximum allocation 500$ worth of tokens
— Maximum users per IDO : 1000 holders.
— Token holders must have held their Elonduck tokens for 5 days before the IDO.

These restrictions are there to ensure launches are as fair as possible for our community members.

Learn more and get involved
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After several years trying to fly I finally found an strange gem in the space. This Interplanetary gem is called #ELONDUCK. #ethereum